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2017届毕业典礼院长致辞Speech at the Commencement of 2017

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Speech at the Commencement of 2017

Tao Wenhao

26 June 2017

Dear graduates, parents, distinguished guests and all staff members of the School of Foreign Languages:

Good afternoon!

Today, we are gathering here in witness of this special moment. First, on behalf of the School of Foreign Languages, I would like to extend my heartfelt congratulations to you all.

At this special moment, I would like to propose a warm applause with your sincere gratitude to your mentors, staff members of the school, your family members, your classmates and friends supporting you!

You have spent the most beautiful four years on the most beautiful valley campus in Asia, BNUZ. When you leave here, will you miss the water lily in summer? The towering kapok trees in front of the library? Will you miss the battery cars that keep you waiting everyday?Will you also miss the course that you failed to sign up even with Ultimate Cosmos Power? And those interesting student clubs, amusing performances, responsible teachers, funny roommates and staff at the dormitory and canteen, will you miss them?

How time flies! Four years have flashed by before we realize it. Four years ago, you came here from all corners of the country with your heavy luggage. Today, you have finished your academic studies and are ready to roll up your sleeves for bigger achievements. This is a harvesting moment as well as a reflective one. Here are some wishes I would like to share with you at this important moment.

First, serve at a higher vision. Four years ago, Shenzhou X spacecraft was successfully launched; Chang’e 3 made safe landing on the moon; large military transport aircraft Yun-20 made a successful trial flight and the China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone (SPFTZ) began its operation. Four years later, today, we have witnessed the 20th anniversary of Hong Kong’s return, the successful launch of Tianzhou No.1, the largest and heaviest cargo spacecraft ever built by China, the debut flight of the C919, China''s first homegrown large passenger plane, the establishment of Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) and the proposal of the Belt and Road. All of the above-mentioned achievements indicate the progress of our country and the prosperity of our nation. The past four years were a remarkable period of achievements of our nation; the same thing was true of you. As you are about to enter the society, all of you should no longer use the campus mentality which confines your vision to your ego self and the inch of soil where you are living. A broader historical perspective should be applied to view the country and the nation, even worldwide as they are intrinsically linked with your fate. It is time for you to fly!

Second, nurture your passion. May I believe that you have fallen in love with whatever you are doing? If you haven’t, I hope you have the persistence to keep looking for it. As Steve Jobs once said, “If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle”. In other words, you not only have to know what you do, how you do it, but also WHY you do it. This gives you a sense of purpose and mission. Here I would like to have a question for you, what gets you out of bed every morning? Also, in the process of getting things done, may I suggest that quality should be over quantity?

Last, develop emotional intelligence. In the past four years, what determines your ceiling perhaps was IQ. However, from now on, IQ only determines your floor and what determines your ceiling maybe EQ. It does not only mean being apt at dealing with interpersonal relationship through trial and error, which is just a tip of the EQ iceberg, but also means being apt at managing your emotions and those of others. If you manage the former, you will be blessed with mental and physical health; if you manage the latter, you can become an inspiring leader.

As your spiritual mother, BUNZ believes you will embrace a higher vision as your direction, passion as your motivation and emotional intelligence as your means. From now on, the knowledge and experience you learned here will transform into the books you put at the beside, the urge to offer your seat to the senior on a bus and the grace and cultivation you display on public occasions.

Dear graduates of 2017, I feel very hard to say goodbye now but I have to. Wish you good health, all the happiness and outstanding success in all your ventures!















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