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2016级新生开学典礼院长致辞Opening Ceremony Speech for Freshmen of 2016

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                              Opening Ceremony Speech for Freshmen of 2016

                                     Tao Wenhao

                                      3 September 2016


         Good evening, boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen.

         On behalf of the School of Foreign Languages, Beijing Normal University at Zhuhai, I would like to extend my congratulations to you for the excellent performance you have done at the national college entrance examinations. My warmest welcome to the beautiful valley university, Beijing Normal University at Zhuhai!

        A day like this is always such a special occasion for our freshmen and of course the school of foreign languages. For our new students, it marks a culmination of your hard work, dedication and perseverance during the past years. It is also the commencement of a new chapter in your life. Meanwhile, for the school of foreign languages, it is the starting point to accompany you through a new phase of your life. It is time for us to shoulder the task of providing you with on-going education of higher learning. In the following four years for the undergraduate, and two years for the MA candidates, the school of foreign languages will witness your marvelous process in pursuit of academic learning. I have confidence that each of you,youthful and full of spirit, will be the elite with vision, mind and wisdom in the future.

        On this wonderful occasion, full of joy and expectation, I am filled with many things to say and I will make the choice of starting with the introduction to the School of Foreign Languages. The School of Foreign Languages established on June 16th, 2003 is one of the largest schools of the university. The school of foreign languages is staffed by 80 dedicated and professional teaching faculty with relevant expertise and working experiences. Of all the teaching staff members, there are 30 native teachers of English or Japanese which account for nearly a half. Most of our teachers graduated from prestigious universities at home and abroad. Some of the staff hold PhD degrees and some hold full and associate professorship. Some have been the supervisors of master students.

        Since its foundation, the school of foreign languages has emphasized the teacher’s professional development and cared about how to develop the effective teachers so as to enhance the teaching quality of the school of foreign languages. The school of foreign languages has launched summer programs on teaching strategies and academic research in overseas countries for our teachers. In recent two years, 10 of our Chinese staff have taken the summer program in Australia and Canada to explore the teaching strategies on international level. And some of the teachers present on the opening ceremony of our school tonight have just been back from Australia and Canada. As a member of our school, you will have the chance to sit in the wonderful and enlightening lectures from our distinguished teachers and professors, and can experience their energy, enthusiasm and creativity at the same time.

        With excellent faculty and rich resources, our school is targeting to foster first-rate interdisciplinary, innovative, independent English professionals on an international perspective for various fields. In order to strengthen the aim of our school, the school has been exploring the possibilities of fine-tuning its features of major teaching. One of the features is that we have set up bilingual orientations for students of both English and Japanese majors, such as English-French,English-Portuguese and Japanese-English, etc., which provide the chance for students to experience the multicultural background of two foreign languages and broaden their horizon. Meanwhile, the school of foreign languages offers more practical or practice-oriented courses for the juniors and seniors to push forward the cultivation of qualified English and Japanese professionals. We are keen on establishing more credit points from native English countries and Japan for both majors. Thus the students of both English and Japanese majors have opportunities to the languages in a native environment. The bilingual, as well as the bi-credit points mode of education will make you unique and more competitive than other students of foreign languages from other universities.

        Besides the multicultural environment, our school also enables our students to have international learning experiences through international educational exchange programs. In the past years, many Japanese and English major students have taken such programs, which definitely enhance their multicultural understandings, enrich their study experience and broaden their international vision. With such a solid foundation for their future study and career, I am confident that more opportunities are waiting for you and your all-round competence on international level is surely ahead of you.

        Thanks to the high-quality education and students'' diligence, every year more than twenty percent of our BA graduates go on to read for MA degrees in the prestigious universities at home and abroad, such as Beijing University of Foreign Studies, Sun Yat-sen University, Chinese University of Hong Kong, University of Edinburgh, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, University of London, etc. I strongly believe that by the time you graduate, more of you will be enrolled by more prestigious universities all over the world .

         On hearing the teaching quality of our school and data of graduates going for higher degrees, I am sure you are determined to make full use of the sources in our school and strive to achieve more in the future. At this special moment, the threshold of what is sometimes called critical period of your life, I would also like to give you some advice.

        Firstly, put study on top of the list. As soon as you enter the campus of the university, you may see there are more various activities than those in senior high school. You are free to check them out but always remember that you are here first and foremost for your education. Please go to classes well prepared and on time. Make sure your professor knows you and realizes that you care.

        Secondly, set goals for your new life. Some students might have a little anxiety about the life in the new place. But I want to remind you that as long as you set your goal for the next stage of your life, know exactly where you want to go, you will find true success and happiness. I like the following quotation: “success is the continuous journey towards the achievement of predetermined worthwhile goals.”

        Thirdly, be creative in your academic learning. We live in an age of innovation, when creativity is of increasing value. Without creativity, there would be no progress. To be creative,you should be open to new ideas and different perspectives and be of critical thinking ability.

        Last of all, be thankful in your life. Every time you celebrate an achievement, be thankful to those who made it possible. Thank your parents and friends who supported you. Thank your teachers who were inspirational for you to make a success.

        To conclude my speech tonight:I would like to quote the motto of both the university as well as our school.

                 Of Study, be the Master. Of Behavour, be the Model.

                 Love, Knowledge, Morality and Integrity.

        Thank you!

        亲爱的同学们,女士们、先生们, 晚上好!

















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