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Japanese Corner : Pronunciation and Intonation

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By Liang Junchao


        The Japanese Corner attended by Mr. Wataru Sato, Mr. Hiromasa Meguro and Ms. Kayoko Matsushima was held in the library lobby at 6 p.m. on March 21st.



        The three teachers talked about students’ pronunciation and intonation today. Since students were all more or less regarded as foreigners who were learning to speak Japanese, there were imperfections in their accents undoubtedly. Therefore, the three teachers had given some guidance longing to improve the students’ oral Japanese.



        Ms. Matsushima made students read after her and taught them that reading as more as they could was the premise of a natural intonation. Mr. Sato encouraged students to chat with teachers more actively. Only by doing so could their pronunciation and intonation be close to a native Japanese speaker. Mr. Meguro even recorded students’ voice and played the recording in public in order to give students some advice on intonation adjustment.



        Today the Japanese corner ended at nine thirty. Students got to know that a good pronunciation as well as intonation was the fundamental step of mastering a foreign language. In every language, pronunciation and intonation share the same importance with listening and writing.

Proofread by Niu Meng

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