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English Corner

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By Jiali Chen

        The English corner was held on the first floor in the library as usual on the evening of March 22nd, with the drizzle outside.Mr. David Tony Whitlock, Mr.Darren Mullins and Dr. Troy M. Smith attended the English Corner.

        Troy arrived first.He asked students to introduce themselves and inspired them to speak. He also shared his years of teaching experience  in China, stating that he liked the environment in ZhuHai.According to what he said,students realized that English was also Troy’s second language. The most significant aspect of learning English was the capability of expressing one’s ideas in both colloquial and written English effectively, in other words, grammar was secondary.

        After a while,Darren came to library and joined the students.When it comes to his teaching experience in Korea,a student asked him about the differences between China and Korea. Darren explained that China has been developing fast these years and China is more inclusive than Korea.He mentioned some foreigners’ impression on China as well.

        David comes from England.He was discussing the British culture and shared with students some interesting slangs. However,he said that he doesn’t like London very much because of the fast-paced life. What’s more,since David is a Buddhist, he shared with students the Buddhist culture and said that he would visit the Putuo temple,which is near to BNUZ.

        With laughter and the rain outside,English Corner came to an end. Not only did students get some knowledge of foreign countries but also they obtained good learning methods during this English Corner.

Proofread by Yuqi Huang

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