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English Corner:Anecdote Sharing

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By Xavi Wang

        The English corner was held in the library as usual at 6pm of March 29th. Mr.Byron Boaz Sherman, Mr. David Tony Whitlock and Mr.David W Koenig were the foreign teachers who attended today’s English Corner.

        Before 6, Mr. David Tony Whitlock had been there and communicated with students happily. He consulted the girls about the meaning of“Korean Style”. He also told students that his birthday would be in next month, and he was wondering whether he would get some presents from the students or not.

Mr.Byron Boaz Sherman was the second teacher who arrived. Students surrounded him in a short time. The question he spent most time explaining was what students should be careful of when attending a job interview organized by foreign companies. He clarified that applicants should talk more about their advantages instead of shortages. What’s more, do not make oneself look complacent but act to be someone the boss can trust. More importantly, thinking twice before answering questions was highly recommended.

        After Mr.David W Koenig arrived, he greeted the students and called some of their names. When asked about how he could remember others’ names, he explained that he linked their names with some colors or the names of flowers, which had given students a new idea of name memorizing.

        With laughter and joy, today’s English Corner came to an end. All the students present gained a lot of knowledge.

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