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English corner: Society

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By Huang Ziyin

          The English corner was held in the library as usual at 18:00 of May 3th. Ms. Catherine L. Williams was the foreign teacher who attended today''''s English corner. She discussed with students about some easily overlooked problems.

        There was a student talking about family relationships. Catherine explained that in America, children were separated from parents, which meant that children were individuals and parents would not interfere with their children too much because they thought children should figure out problems by themselves. The others said, indeed, the relationship of family members was an important factor. Only after we reflected on our own family modes and formed our own concepts, could we handle family relationships better.

        Catherine also shared her perspectives on the carton movie--Bambi, which left a horrible impression on children due to the sudden death of Bambi''''s mother. Most students agreed with her. They said these non-standard cartons which could lead to harmful outcomes should be banned on screen.

         Today''''s English corner came to an end in joyful discussion. And everyone was looking forward to the next chat.

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