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2011级新生开学典礼讲话 Speech at Opening Ceremony for Freshmen of 2011

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Speech at Opening Ceremony for Freshmen of 2011


Tao Wenhao

9 September 2011

Good evening, boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen. On behalf of the School of Foreign Languages , Beijing Normal University at Zhuhai, I would like to express my warmest welcome to our school. I would also extend my thanks to your parents and teachers in the high school. Now your secondary education is over and your tertiary education shall begin here. We shoulder the task of providing you with on-going education of higher learning. I am filled with too many things to say to you, and I will make the choice of starting with the introduction of the School of Foreign Languages of Beijing Normal University at Zhuhai (or BNUZ) which was established on June 16th, 2003. Through the development of 8 years, we now have 75 members of staff. Of all the teaching staff members, there are 30 native teachers of English or Japanese which accounts for nearly a half. Five of the native staff hold PhD degrees and two hold full professorship.


The School of Foreign Languages is one of the largest schools of the university. Besides more than 1,000 students of English and Japanese majors we have, the School of Foreign Languages undertakes the foreign language teaching of about 20, 000 non-English majors of the university.


The English Department of the School was founded on August 15th, 2004 and started to enroll its first batch of English majors in October of the same year, a total number of 150 students. Our school-running guideline is to highlight quality and innovation, so as to cultivate first-rate interdisciplinary, independent English professionals for Guangdong Province and the country at large. Since its foundation, the faculty has been exploring the possibilities of fine-tuning its features of major teaching. In 2008, it set up four new major orientations, including English-Japanese, English-French, Business English, Tourism & Translation, besides English Language & Literature and English Education, the original two orientations, thus offering more practical or practice-oriented courses for the juniors and seniors and pushing forward the cultivation of qualified English professionals. The Department of Japanese was founded in September 2010 and started its first year of enrollment of 87 students of Japanese. We are happy to tell you that we will start to enroll MA students of English in Education next year. Also starting from this September, we will offer Portuguese as an optional course to all students of the university. The School of Foreign Languages now has staff members of 6 foreign languages of English, Japanese, French, German, Russian and Portuguese. We are panning to enroll students of Portuguese major in September 2013.


My dear students of all, both English majors and Japanese, you must be very much impressed by the beauty of the university. I would like to share with you my feelings that I came here eight years ago. I was as excited as you, as happy as you in seeing the blue sky, the green grass, the unknown and smiling trees, the quiet lakes and the strong mountains around. What a pleasure to be in such a dream land! Yes, it is so attractive as you are still in the dream. However, I would like to wake you up after the ceremony this evening. Because tomorrow, we will begin to set up a new dream for us to realize in the coming four years.


What is the new dream? The answer is different for different students. Some would say, I want to be a translator or interpreter. Some would say, I want to be a diplomat. Some would say, I want to be a teacher. Some would even say, I want to be a PhD.


Here in this place and at this moment, I am as exited as you, but more than excitement, I would like to share with you some of my thoughts of the School of Foreign Languages . For the past eight years, I have been thinking of the following three questions:

First, what is the spirit of the School of Foreign Languages ?

Second, what is special about the students of the School of Foreign Languages of BNUZ? In other words, what makes you different from other students of foreign languages in other universities?

Third, what can we provide you with?





For the first question, I would answer in three words: diligence, truth and creativity. From the first day you enter the School of Foreign Languages , remember you have to work very hard. Diligence can take you to the final success. I am not quoting well-known examples of the famous people in history, they are far away from us. Instead I will tell you some facts of the success of our own students in the past two years in our school. Last year, we had 264 BA graduates, 30 of them went to pursue MA studies either in China or abroad. Encouraging examples for you are: Miss Chen Chao went to study for MA in Beijing University of Foreign Studies, Miss Lu Yao went to study for MA in Beijing University , Miss Luo Yiwen went to study for MA in Chinese University of Hong Kong and Miss Xie Jing went to study for MA in the University of Edinburgh . This year, among the 200 BA graduates, 45 went to study for MA. Therefore the percentage of the MA study was from 11.2 of last year to 22.5 this year. Still some of them are studying in the famous universities like Beijing University of Foreign Studies and University of London , etc. I would assume by the time you graduate, more than half of you shall be enrolled by the prestigious universities all over the world. With the spirit of diligence, seeking truth and creativity, I am absolutely positive you will realize your new dreams.


For the second question, I would answer in another three words: bilingual, bi-major and multi-competence. This is special about you and makes you different from other students of foreign languages. We strongly encourage that each of you would study two foreign languages in the four years here. We know that most students of foreign languages in China can only use one foreign language, but here more and more of you can use two foreign languages fluently. Also taking two majors has now become another trend in our students. I know more and more of our students are busy with their two majors and are paving a much broader road for their future. I appreciate this and hope you follow suit. So bilingual and bi-major make you different and special from other students of foreign languages.


For the third question, I would still answer in three words: freedom, character forming and maturity. In the beginning of my speech I said we are having the responsibility of providing you with tertiary education. But what is that? Academically we may not finish its contents even in a monograph. Here in this school can we all come to one understanding in agreement? We will provide you with the freedom of thoughts and the opportunity of character development and by the time you graduate, you are a mature person of independent thinking and nice personality.


Before I conclude my speech today, I would like to quote two points of what I said to the students last year.

1. Follow your interests and be open to every possible subject reading. Your courses of majors are important, but you will find years later, what captures your imagination is the subjects of your interests. It is like your first love for a girl or a boy. She or he is the most precious. These will be the possibility of making you successful as a prominent figure in the society. I hope English or Japanese is your first love.



2. Make good friends and learn from each other. Four years in the university is the formation of your personality and your life of philosophy. The Chinese culture tells us, look at the friends he has before you judge a person. It means your friends will teach you and make you a good person or a bad man. A good friend will always take you to the right road to success while an evil friend does the opposite.


My dear boys and girls, this is the advice I have for you. Please remember the motto of our university: Of Studies, be the Master; Of Behaviour, be the Model. Let us set up the great goals of developing ourselves under the development of the university as well as the country. As we often say, for each student, you are the hope of your parents, your teachers and the university and the People’s Republic of China . We are happy to see the future by looking at you now.Thank you!


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