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2014级新生开学典礼讲话 Opening Ceremony Speech for Freshmen of 2014

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Opening Ceremony Speech for Freshmen of 2014

Tao Wenhao

14 September 2014

Be a Person in Need

Good evening, dear boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, my warmest welcome to the School of Foreign Languages, Beijing Normal University at Zhuhai (BNUZ).

My speech tonight is: Be a Person in Need

On this wonderful occasion, full of joy and expectation, I am as excited as you. I am excited because I owe my thanks to those who have helped to shape you. I am excited because my colleagues and I will accompany you through a new phase of your life, four years, or to some of you, two years in BNUZ. I am excited because our school has stepped up in her second decade and you will witness this wonderful process and together we will compose new poems and prose of the school.

On the same occasions of the past years, I used to introduce the learning style in the university years, our major, our school, our campus and etc. Also I tried to share my thoughts of youth and dreams. I asked them to remember the motto of our university: Of Studies, Be the Master; Of Behavior, Be the Model and to follow the spirit and the motto of our school which are: Love, Knowledge, Morality and Integrity. I truly hope they can stand high and aim far, read widely and think thoroughly, make a lot of good friends, build their character, and cherish their youth. While at this moment, besides these I mentioned before, what I want to wish is: you become a person in need.

What kind of a person is the person in need?

Friends and relatives are in need. The song Little Apple is a hit this year in China. You may disagree with me, but I feel it sings parents’ love for their kids. This love cultivates our courage to learn, to experience and to stand in this crowded world. But, my dear students of all, believe me, one day you will find your parents actually long for your explicit love, they are not as implicit as you think, they need you more than you can imagine. In the four years of university life, the letters from you, the phone calls from you, the joy and progress of yours, and your thoughtfulness and gratefulness are the best rewards for their labor of love. You are the apple of their eye. You are in need.

You are away from your home, and the excitement and joy are fading away, you will find that your new classmates are from all over the country with different dialects and cultural backgrounds which sometimes contribute to conflicts, and find that you have to attend so many courses either compulsory or optional. You will find that either on campus or off campus, you will be overwhelmed by all kinds of students'' activities. You rush around the campus in and out of different buildings. You feel busy and tired. In the evenings or when you are all alone by yourself, you increasingly miss your friends and relatives. You certainly want to be guided and helped by some kind people. You will be happy to find that they are just around you. They are your classmates, your new friends in the university. They will stroll among the flowers of spring with you, they will count the twinkling stars in summer with you, they will walk around the autumn Li Ze Lake with you, they will, on a snowless winter day, soak in a hot spring with you. Human beings are social animals. We need other people and are needed by other people. We should learn to cope with different and diverse people around us because we simply believe that each person has something special from which we can learn. A brave heart is open to accept new people and new environments. A person is certain to be needed and loved by others if he/she is caring, cooperative, compassionate, tolerant, and honest. Wish you a person needed by your classmates and fellow students!

You are a major of English or Japanese, but you will be stressed to find more and more non-English major students with amazing English language competence. Language skills become qualities of most people instead of advantages of certain people. So when you graduate years later, what ensures you to be wanted? A talented person should have certain “transferable skills” not restricted to his/her major, which can be applied to various job environments, such as communication skills, problem-solving skills, the ability to work well in a team, the ability to work independently, information technology ability, data processing ability, thinking ability and etc. These invaluable skills are to be acquired during your college years. As long as you are such a person with these various transferable skills, you are surely to be a hot property in the job market.

On your first day here, you may have felt uneasy and uncertain. At that moment, volunteers came to help. Their devotion and efforts can bring a breeze to you in spite of the scorching heat. And you feel warm and happy deeply in your heart. Who can be volunteers? They are the people who love you by devoting their time with you to help you. The spirits of volunteers are love, devotion, kindness, help and progress. Today a volunteer helps you, tomorrow you return as a volunteer, thus you become a person in need. A person in need is a person in love.

Yu Minhong once said in a speech that his college life gave him many sweet memories as well as growing pains. These complex feelings, frustrations, struggling and progress helped him find his identity and start to do his business and career for himself, his family and the society. I would like to tell you, whether you are a nobody or somebody, if you can find yourself in a way that you are needed by your family, your society, you will certainly feel a sense of belonging, gratification and happiness. Short as several years, the campus life will surely leave you many beautiful memories to last your whole life. And you will always recollect those first thoughts and feelings and touched moments. Some of you will achieve academically and fly from here into a higher and wider world. Some of you may feel blue or feel lost but take pains to find a new self. You may find endless possibilities here and learn to make a choice out of options after you doubt and divide in your mind. You have passion, you have dreams, and you have courage to beat everything. The most enviable thing is you are in the bloom of youth which ensures that you can try again even if you may fail many times. You can find yourself an individual human being, and then you realize there are many other individual human beings around. You are in the wonderful interaction among different people and you find the secret of personal relationship is you need others and you are also needed by others. Being needed is a sort of happiness that is not easily sought. My dear students of all, I sincerely wish you could experience and enjoy this valuable feeling. So here for the life in the university, our task as well as your task is to help you to go through a process of understanding, apprehension and finally to arrive at integrity.

There is a saying “A friend in need is a friend indeed”. Here is a parody as the ending of my speech: “A person in need is a person indeed.”

Thank you!













在报到时,你初来乍到,感受一切陌生新奇,对一切都不太确定时,这时志愿者被需要。志愿者的奉献和帮助让你在炎炎烈日下也如沐春风,心存感谢。志愿者是什么人?是不为任何物质报酬的情况下,带着对新生的爱,愿意奉献自己的时间,愿意来帮助你们。志愿者的精神是爱, 是奉献、友爱、互助和进步。今日你接受志愿者服务,明天你就成了一名志愿者,成了一位被社会所需要的人。一个被社会需要的人是一个具有博爱品行的人。




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