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English Corner: Christmas

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By Yuteng Li, Shunxin Chen

The end of this termwas coming and the English corner was also drawing to a close, but the atmosphere here was still active. At six o''''clock, Ms. Rebecca Brinson Reel, Mr. Robert Kerry Mateja and Mr. David Tony Whitlock showed up on time on the first floor of the library.

Christmas, one of the most significant foreign holidays, would come this Sunday. So Ms. Rebecca Brinson Reel talked with the students about how she would spend this Sunday. She said she would go to Macao to meet her foreign friends. One of the students said that she wouldgo to Macauon the same day as well. Students thought that they might encounter each other in Macao. Another student said she would watch an American movie called The True Love on that day. Ms. Rebecca Brinson Reel excitedly said she would see this filmevery Christmas. In addition, she shared manybeautifulmemories about this film with students.

Rob wore a bright red Christmas hat today. When he was asked about foreigners’ways of celebrating Christmas,Rob said excitedly that:“ Every family would prepare different delicacies for this special holiday. Taking mine for an example. My mother would alwaysprovide us with food such as pasta,cakes and Cheese steak on that day. After the meal, we would be seated together and talk aboutsomething related to daily life, which really made me feel the sense of cohesion within the family. Besides, he mentioned that it had been a long time for him to stay aboard since he left home. He believed that it was truly worth spending Christmas in accompany withthe family.

Today’s English corner ended with the last conversation about customsforthe Christmas. The students involved got many new understandings about the western traditional culture and accumulated new vocabularies. It is expected that there will be more English lovers joining the English Corner next time.

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