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English Corner: Random Talk on Places

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by Chen Shunxin

The first English corner in this term was held in the library lobby. Mr. Mike Fisher and Mr. Darren Mullins were surrounded by students early at 6 p.m.

Mr. Mike Fisher talked about adaptation to different environments with the students. He said that people always struggled to get accustomed to the local life of different cities, such as food and customs. One of the students added that it’s difficult for people from the north to be habituated to the lifestyle near the equator. Mr. Mike Fisher, who is from Canada, said that he preferred the weather in Zhuhai even it was quite different from that in Canada.

On the other hand, Mr. Darren Mullins was discussing travelling with the students. He said that he had traveled to many places in China with a camera recording different scenery. He claimed that he preferred to go to some small cities, which retained a lot of local characteristics and it’s easy to feel the difference. He explained that most of the big cities had been surrounded by Pizza Huts and KFCs, having lost their originality. After the conversation, students got a deeper understanding on travelling.

Students had learned a lot from the English Corner this evening, and everyone was looking forward to the same time next week.

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