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Japanese Corner: A Talk on Religions and Life Stories

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By Xiaofan Wu

The third Japanese corner this semester was held in the library on the evening of March 14th. As usual, everyone came to the library lobby on time. Mr. Wataru Sato, Mr. Hiromasa Meguro and Ms. Kayoko Matsushima were present.

After a brief greeting, the teachers and students began to talk with each other. Mr. Sato talked about Islamic customs in different countries, such as Morocco, the United Arab Emirates and Indonesia, which were now open Islamic countries, and in other words, women there were free. However, many other Islamic countries were still very conservative. Meanwhile, Ms. Matsushima and Mr. Meguro shared something interesting about journey and sports with students.

What’s more, the exchange student Dai Yadi, who just came back from Japan, also came to the Japanese corner. She shared her own experiences as well as what she had seen and heard in Japan. The atmosphere was warm and joyful.

Time flies. The Japanese corner soon came to an end. Everyone went back with full harvest in this rainy night.

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