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English Corner: Current News Focusing

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By Yuteng Li

On the evening of March 15th, many students gathered in the hall of the library early to communicate with the foreign teachers. Mr. Ronald Darren Mallins, Mr. David W koenig, Mr. David Tony Whitlock, and Mr. Michel James Fisher attended the English corner.

Mr.Koenig encouraged the students to introduce themselves at first and asked them to communicate with each other more actively. Meanwhile, he also shared some of his opinions about the daily news in America, which drew a heated discussion among students. They brought up some new viewpoints after that.

At the same time, Mr. Mallins inspired students with the knowledge of the nature. He mentioned that people nowadays should protect the environment and leave more space to the nature. In other words, people should not interfere in the regular development of nature. What’s more, he also made his unique comments on what happened recently in a Chinese zoo, which inspired students to think critically.

English corner ended in laughter. Most of the students still stayed in the library to talk with each other when the foreign teachers had left. They were all looking forward to attending the next English corner.

Proofread by Yuqi Huang

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