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Japanese Corner: The Discussion of Japanese Learning

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By Wang Jian

The Japanese Corner was held in the library lobby on the evening of March 28th. Mr. Wataru Sato, Mr. Hiromasa Meguro and Ms. Kayoko Matsushima attended the corner and talked about many questions on Japanese learning with students.

One Japanese major student asked Mr. Meguro a question which had confused him for a long time. He said that there were many words which had its own Chinese characters, but they were often written in Hiragana. The other students nodded that they also had such confusion.

Mr. Meguro explained the question by examples, such as “綺麗”, “素敵” and “可愛い” , and these words were usually written in Hiragana. First of all, their Chinese characters looked unnatural. In addition, written in Hiragana was easy to read and write. What’s more, Mr. Meguro added that since there were many homonyms in Japanese, it’s better to write their corresponding Chinese characters in compositions, which could avoid making mistakes on the meaning of the word.

The Japanese Corner ended at nine thirty. Many questions on Japanese learning had been solved. If anyone has any problems in Japanese study, welcome to the Japanese Corner.

Proofread by Niu Meng

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