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Recruitment Fair for Educational and Japanese-funded Enterprises Held by Four Schools

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On November 3rd, the recruitment fair for Educational and Japanese-funded enterprises was held successfully in front of the library under the joint efforts of four schools: School of Foreign Languages, School of Chinese, School of Education and School of Applied Mathematics. Professor Tao Wenhao, Dean of School of Foreign Languages, Professor Mi Honghai, Dean of School of Applied Mathematics, Professor Li Baojun, Division Head of recruitment and employment office of BNUZ, Yan Weiguo, Director of recruitment and employment office of BNUZ, as well as teachers responsible for occupational guidance from these four schools, attended the recruitment fair.

Collaborated with Zhuhai China-Japan School-enterprise Friendship Association, the recruitment fair for students of Beijing Normal University, Zhuhai and Beijing Institute of Technology, Zhuhai was aimed to promote the two-way communication between students and enterprises, to profit high-quality talents specialized in education and foreign languages, and to improve the employment rate of graduates. Up to 20 companies participated and provided more than 200 jobs and internship positions, including the well-famed educational enterprises like New Oriental Education & Technology Group and Sean Global Education as well as the well-known Japanese companies such as Kirin Beer Co.,Ltd. and Canon. It was inferred positively that the educational enterprises had an increasingly demand for teachers and assistant directors while the Japanese companies preferred translators and managers. For the talent selection, according to the recruitment companies, an impressive resume had a great positive effect on the performance of the applicants, and a high level of professionalism was required by all companies. The employers of educational enterprises were inclined to choose applicants who had a character of kindness, and the recruiters of Japanese companies emphasized the working attitude and the impression at the first interview is of great significance.

Tao Wenhao, Dean of the School of Foreign Languages, suggested that students who attended the recruitment fair should apply for jobs on the basis of their own interests, majors and also the needs of enterprises. For students who are in their freshman and sophomore years, it is of great importance to improve their moral quality and develop various kinds of abilities. Firstly, it’s necessary to correlate study with employment. Students interested in academic study were suggested to further their study with a master or doctor degree, which would be advantageous in job-hunting, and those who choose to go to work after graduation should gather widely relevant working experience during the four years of university study. Secondly, cultivating moral sentiments is also of great importance. University students are supposed to keep in step with the tendency of the day, integrate the study into the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and make a contribution to our country.

The recruitment fair provided a good platform for the exchange and communication between enterprises and students. Along with the deep-going of the reform in education, our school achieved an increasingly close contact with enterprises which brings favorable feedback. There are good reasons to believe that this cooperation would improve the comprehensive quality of our students and lay a solid foundation for their future employment.

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