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SFL Held Mobilization Meeting of Military Training for Freshmen

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   On December 30th, the School of Foreign Languages held mobilization meeting of military training for freshmen in C204, Leyu Building. The arrangement during the military training was stressed to students. It actively mobilized students to participate in the military training, which was of great significance to arouse the enthusiasm of students.

   Firstly, Miss Luo Min, Secretary of Youth League Committee of SFL, expected her expectations to the students. She said as a good opportunity to build up strong will, attending military training was an effective way to strengthen the national defense consciousness and the patriotism of students under new situation; therefore, she hoped that students follow directions of their instructors, take the training seriously, and train hard. Then, to make sure the military training go smoothly, their counselor Miss Liu Jinzhe gave a comprehensive introduction to the military training including the time, the content, the form, the arrangement of companies, and especially the matters needing attention during the training. To have an experience of the atmosphere of military training, Mr Lin Zijian led students to have a chorus competition.

   Moreover, Chen Weipeng, outstanding student from senior class, shared with them his precious memory of military training, and Liu Jinzhe, on behalf of the sophomore students, led the freshmen to make a pledge to show their own best performance during the military training.

   Finally, Miss Liu Jinzhe expressed her hope that all students could build up their willpower through the military training, and she also emphasized the examination-related regulations and the safety problems during winter vacation.

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