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A Field Visit to Kirin Beer Zhuhai Co.Lid.

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In order to help students get familiar with the working environment and operation mode of enterprises, as well as help students lay a good foundation. On December 9 afternoon, employment counselor of School of Freign Language took the students to pay a visit to Kirlin beer Zhuhai limited company.

Kirin Beer Zhuhai Co., Ltd. is the first factory built by Japan Kirin Group overseas, covering an area of 200 thousand square meters with 400 thousand tons panning production capacity, and is a world-class scale production base in East and Southeast Asia. "Haizhu", "Kirin" and "Macao" are three main products of the company. Some of their products are exported to Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan and other regions. They are in a fiercely competitive marked and well received by customers.

The company's guide showed the teachers and students the Kirin Beer's advanced production equipment and excellent brewing technology, and introduced the three ingredients of wine and process of making wine. The students could smell the fragrance of malts and hops and enjoy different degrees, tastes and flavour of beers. In addition, an intern who graduated from School of Foreign Languages in this company has introduced the interview experience and employment criteria to the fellow students, and encouraged everyone to study hard and take part in practical activities to improve their overall quality.

Kirin Brewery Zhuhai Co., Ltd. has been cooperating with our school for a long time. This visit enables students to have a deeper insight of the working environment and corporate culture of enterprise, which is good for stimulating their learning enthusiasm and promoting their career development.

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