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Party Activity Held by the General Party Branches of Both School of Real Estate and School of Foreign Languages

作者: | 时间:2018-04-23 | 点击:

Reporter: Zhou Binxue, Wang Yan

Photographer: Zhang Haiyan

Translator: Qin Yitong

On April 22nd, led by Secretary of Party Branch of College of Real Estate Professor Huang Wei, Party members of both the College of Real Estate and the School of Foreign Languages carried out a party activity to “admire revolutionary achievements and explore the culture of the south of the Five Ridges.”

In the morning, they visited the Three Tans Memorial Hall in Foshan which exhibited the revolutionary experience of Tan Pingshan, Tan Zhitang and Tang Pingdu, and eulogized their revolutionary and patriotic spirit by giving abundant historical information and pictures. In the afternoon, they arrived at the Jinousongtang Ancient Village in Xiqiao Town, Nanhai District. Situated beside the hillock, every lane of the village leads to the Songtang Pool. Buildings like the ancestral halls and temples, home schools, book stores, wok houses and the sculptures there left them deep impression on the village’s architectural art.

Professor Huang Wei gave a summary of this activity, emphasizing the revolutionary and pioneering spirit of predecessors who chased after virtue and truth relentlessly deserved our admiration. In the meantime, as university teachers, they should also stay true to the mission and make down-to-earth efforts to write a new chapter for BNUZ.

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