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Japanese Corner:Rainy Day Chat

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ByYang Tiancheng

The second Japanese Corner this semester was held in the library lobby on March 7th.As usual, everyone came to the Japanese Corner on time. Mr.Wataru Sato, Mr.Hiromasa Meguro and Ms.Kayoko Matsushima were present. What’s more, an exchange student from Japan named Watanabe also came to communicate with the students.

First of all, Mr.Sato and the students talked about some Fujian dialects. Mr.Sato also shared some skills on how to pass the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test with students. At the same time, some seniors discussed with Mr.Meguro about the honorifics and dissertation. Ms.Matsushima, who usually left a cordial and gentle impression on the students, shared some Japanese TV dramas she liked as well as some popular hairstyles, which aroused students’ interest. In addition, the Japanese exchange student Watanabe got along well with the Japanese language lovers and many common interests were found among them. Hoping that she could make more good friends in China so that she would not feel lonely in a foreign country.

Time flies, and the Japanese Corner soon came to an end. Students tidied their seats, putting everything back in order. Everyone felt tonight was a very good memory to them.

Proofread by Niu Meng

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