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English corner: Best trips

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By Xiaomeng Fan

On the evening of March 8th, Mr. Michael Fisher participated in the English corner. He recalled the best trip he’d ever had in Kenya.

Many people told him that Kenya is a country which is very underdeveloped, impoverished and not deserving a visit. But he thought though the country is not well-developed, it’s a place with beautiful scenery remaining intact. He loved the local culture and folk customs. He saw immense primeval forests, wild animals running on the grasslands and unique scenery which could not be seen in the developed countries.

Students also shared their stories about their poverty relief endeavors in northwestern China as well as traveling experiences in Japan. He felt glad to see students travel outside to broaden their horizons instead of wasting time playing video games at home.

English corner ended in laughter and everyone was looking forward to the next happy chat.

Proofread by Yuqi Huang

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