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The Japanese Corner: There is no end to learning

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The Japanese Corner was held in the library lobby on April 18th. Mr. Wataru Sato, Mr. Hiromasa Meguro and Ms. Kayoko Matsushima attended today’s Japanese Corner.

Firstly, one student asked Mr.Sato how to improve Japanese daily communication skills. Mr. Sato pointed out the phenomenon that some sophomores even could not express some sentences in their daily communication naturally. Because colloquialism practice could not be accomplished within a short time, it was an ideal accumulation process by reading aloud textbooks or extracurricular books every day.

Secondly, Mr.Meguro commented on some adapted works in Japanese and he introduced some of his favorite works. Meanwhile, Ms.Matsushima shared the delicacy culture with students, after which she explained some words in details. For example, the Japanese word “素人” had its Chinese equivalence of “小白”.

Finally, the Japanese Corner ended at nine. If students have any problems in Japanese learning, they are welcome in the Japanese corner every Tuesday evening at six thirty.

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