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Japanese Corner: Universities in Japan

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By Wang Jian

The Japanese Corner was held in the library lobby on the evening of April 18th. Mr. Wataru Sato, Ms. Kayoko Matsushima and Mr. Hiromasa Meguro attended the corner to talk with students.

When it came to Waseda University, which is a private university in Japan, students were confused about the differences between public and private universities in Japan. So Mr. Sato introduced the differences to students. In Japan, students applying for public universities need to take exams in both Arts and Sciences. However, students applying for private universities only need to take the exams of several subjects. In addition, geography belongs to the category of Liberal Arts in China, but it belongs to Science in Japan.

Then students and teachers talked about Chinese universities'''' enrollment marks, which varied from province to province. In Mr. Sato''''s opinion, it was not fair, what''''s more, universities would end up in recruiting a large number of local students but few students from other provinces.

The Japanese Corner ended at nine. Students learned a lot from it. If you are a Japanese fan, welcome to the Japanese Corner every Tuesday evening at six thirty.

Proofread by Niu Meng

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