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The 6th foreign Language Drama Contest Held Successfully

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The Sixth Foreign Language Drama Contest Held Successfully

The 6th SFL Drama Competition was successfully held in Lize Building A103 at 7 p.m.on December 3 with  Mr.  David W Koening, Ms.Sadie Marie Chandler, Ms.Songada, Ms. Wang Fang and Ms. Zhang Jingyi as judges. The contest aims to enrich the students ' after-class activity, broaden their horizons, and create a positive campus culture.  

The competition has a total of 8 teams in 4 languages of English, Japanese, French and Portuguese, providing a platform for students to show their language ability and performance ability. Romantic films, moving musical drama, a variety of props, expressive movements and expressions, skillful foreign language dialogues all arouse successive cheers and bursts of applauses from the audience and judges. Some combination of music and dance elements into the show has driven cheers over and over again. Drama Society of BNUZ had an invited short play "A Love without Hesitation" also won a warm applause.

Pranksters Group’s "Just a Joke" won the first prize of English group. " Peach Taro adaptation Version" of “We are the cat” group won the first prize of the Japanese language, and the Participation Winners go to the Portuguese language group and French group respectively with their performances "Atéque Voce Apareceu" and  " Aimer". The "Best of the popular group" was obtained by the group "Eating Grapes without  the Grape Peels"for  the largest votes.

The Drama Competition has created a strong atmosphere of foreign language learning. Various languages's elements  have enabled students to show the language charm of different countries to the audience. The contestants ' excellent performance, adaptation in writing scripts under the guidance of professional teachers, enthusiasm as well as team cooperation have been completely trained and cultivated.                                                                                                (Translated by Luo Qiwen)



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