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The 13th Session of the "Liyun Cup"English Speech Contest Was Held

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In order to improve the students' oral English level, enrich the students' after-class activities, enhance the students' interest in  English learning, and create a good environment for English language, the thirteenth Li Yun Cup "English Speech Contest Finals” was held in Lize building A204 on December 1st, co-sponsored by The School League Committee and the School of Foreign Languages. Mr. David W Koenig, Ms. Gao Jiajing, Mr.Jin Yi and Ms. Li Jingxiang were invited as the judges, with the Secretary of the League Committee of the School of Foreign Languages and the Deputy Secretary of the League Committee of the various schools attending the competition.

The competitors from the preliminary contest held by different schools  delivered a prepared speech entitled "China, A Global View". The first round involved the theme speech and the field defense. After each competitor's presentation, the judges would ask a series of questions related to the speech. The contestants won the applauses for the contestants' informed learning, critical thinking and calmness in answering. In the second round of impromptu speech, competitors randomly picked out the topic of the speech and gave a half minute's speech after 2-minute preparation. High praises from the judges have been given to the competitors for the self-confidence, wisdom and enthusiasm.

After a fair and open scoring principles based on intonation, language art, performance, content and vocabulary, Liang Xiaotong, a student from the Faculty of International Business, won the first prize. Zhang Nuoya from the School of Foreign Language won the second prize. Liang Zhiqing, Zheng Ziwei from the School of Foreign Languages and Zheng Yumeng from the School of Law and Administration won the third prize.

Hosted by the School of Foreign Languages, "Li Yun Cup" English Speech Contest has been successfully held for thirteen sessions and caused widespread support and concern in BNUZ. This contest not only enabled students to enjoy the competition and learning, but also provided a platform for students to communicate with each other and created a good environment for English learning.



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