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Seminar by Student Party Branch on  Learning the Spirit of “19th National Congress”

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Seminar on learning “the 19th  National Congress of CPC”was held by the student Party Branch on the afternoon  of October 31, 2017 in the room  C108 of Liyun Building. The seminar launched  mainly around the theme of 19th National Congress of Communist Party  of China, aiming to enhance the advanced ideology and behavioral intentions of  the undergraduate party members, probationary members,party activiitists and  party applicants.

The seminar was around 2 points: one is  “How can undergraduate party members fulfill the youth dream under the  background of realizing China Dream”, and the other is about “What kind of  vigorous action should the undergraduate students take” in the themed activity “  Remaining true to the original aspiration and keeping mission firmly in mind”.  The students had a heated discussion and interpreted their understanding of the  two above-mentioned points. They proposed that the young students should be  well-informed in their professional field, take the responsibility of the  national rejuvenation and most importantly, promote Chinese culture to the  world.  

Student counselor Liu Jinzhe commanded all  students to keep the spirit of 19th National Congress in mind,  practice and behave as models.

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