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Great Achievements in 2017 "FLTRP CUP" National English Contests of Writing,Reading and Speakiing in Guangdong Province

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Great Achievements in "FLTRP Cup" National English Contests of Writing, Reading and Speaking in Guangdong Province

Great achievements have been made by the contestants from the School of Foreign Languages, BNUZ in the "FLTRP Cup" National English Writing Quarter-final Contest, National English Reading Quarter-final Contest and National English Speaking Contest in Guangdong Province held at the Guangdong Polytechnic Normal University. Zhu Yue won the grand prize of English Writing Tontest and Weng Yongxin won the second prize. Li Jiabei won the first prize of English Reading Contest and Gui Yaxin won the second prize. What’s more, Mai Zhiqian won the third-prize of English Speaking Contest. Among  them, Zhu Yue will take the final-round competition in Beijing in early December.

The 3 "FLTRP Cup" National English contests were jointly held by the Foreign Language Teaching & Research Press and ELT Advisory Board under the Ministry of Education, with all undergraduates in English majors as target competitors, aiming to enhance students’ awareness of intercultural communication and improve students’ international literacy. Being the highest level of English professional competitions in the country, they have received wide concern at home and abroad.

Guangdong provincial contests have attracted excellent students from other universities in Guangdong Province including Sun Yatsen University and Guangdong University of Foreign Studies to compete the English expression and communication art, providing a platform for students to demonstrate their foreign language skills, communication skills and critical thinking ability.

SFL has always been actively reforming the professional curriculum and striving to integrate with internationalization in the cultivating mode of talents with high quality and foreign language application. The outstanding performance of students in the National Contests is also an inflexion of English teaching and learning as well as a recognition of cultivation concept of SFL.

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