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College English Teaching

     In its College English teaching, the SFL has been making innovations to meet the needs of the new era; it has made remarkable achievements and is highly acclaimed. For instance, the graduates of each year had a passing rate of over 74% in the CET 4, 75.89%, 78.46%, 74.68%, 78.86%, and 81.42% for the graduates of 2008 to 2012 respectively. The school is constantly revising and improving its College English teaching and takes a lead in this regard in the whole country. Each semester it offers over 30 compulsory courses of College English for non-English majors to choose from, which enables them to take into account their interests and future career planning. The compulsory courses for non-English majors fall into five types as follows.

    1) Second Foreign Languages, including Japanese, French, German, etc.

    2) English Listening and Speaking, including English Pronunciation and Intonation, English Listening, Speaking and Viewing, Business English Listening and Speaking, English News Listening, etc.

    3) Exam-oriented Type, including TOEFL, IELTS, BEC-Vantage Level, BEC-Higher Level, CET6, English for the Post-graduate Entrance Exam, etc.

    4) Skill-related Type, including Advertising English, English for Journalism, English for Exhibitions, Business English Translation, Translation between Chinese and English, English for Tourism, etc.

    5) Culture and Literature, including Introduction to British Culture, Introduction to American Culture, English Short Stories, Ancient Greek Culture, English Drama, Movies and Literature, etc.


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