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2015届毕业典礼致辞Speech at the Graduation Ceremony of 2015

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Speech at the Graduation Ceremony of 2015

Tao Wenhao

29 June 2015

Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, staff members of the School of Foreign Languages, parents and above all, graduates! Your theses have been passed; graduation photos have been taken; farewell parties have been held; Graduation is a time for success as well as a time to express the sorrow of departure. You will say goodbye to BNUZ, to start a bright new future. We as teachers and maybe your friends would regard it as the harvest season. My colleagues and I are overflowing with happiness, just like peasants are looking at the golden wheat rippling and rustling in the breeze. After four years’ study, I would like you to take today as the sweetest day and a day for best achievement.

My dear graduates, Congratulations! We are proud of you!

With your smiling faces, a popular song named “My Dear Small Apple” comes to my mind. Four years ago, you, the apple of your parents’ eyes started to study in BNUZ, and it was at that time that we sowed the seeds of wishing you a happy and fruitful life here. And now, you have successfully completed your study here and will embark on a new journey. I wish you well in all your undertakings and hope that you will find your career a source of great joy and happiness.

Looking back on your life here, I believe you will never forget the charming cloud over our university, you will never forget the green water and the happy trees of Lize Lake where you might have expressed your love, you will never forget the resonant slogans during the military training, and especially you will never forget the days and nights to prepare for TEM-4 and TEM-8...These are the most precious memories in your life. No matter how much distance there exists between us, you are our children forever! Please stay in touch because we are one family!

My dear boys and girls, graduation is a time for celebration but it is also a time for reflection. At this special moment, I want to share with you my experience in life:

First, contentment brings happiness.

There is never an end of human desire, which requires us to know that contentment brings happiness. Do not harbour resentment because of frustration. I would tell you that the pursuit of fame and gain is in most cases the process of sadness and greed is the source of sorrow. Without these desires, your life will be full of joy and happiness, and it will help to develop a happy character and a person to be loved. The world is full of ordinary people but we need badly those with positive mind and virtue. I would most be contented that you are the people of virtue and contribution. My dear graduates, please cherish what you have at present, just like a catchword which is “且行且珍惜”.

Next, gratefulness brings purification of our heart.

Gratefulness helps to shape a pure heart and makes the world a beautiful and harmonious place. In fact, being grateful is quite simple for us, such as a sincere expression of “thank you”, a genuine comment or a sweet smile...So today, after you receive your diploma, but before you leave this place, please thank your family for guiding you to this moment. Thank your teachers for a new world you know. Thank your friends for sharing and exploring a colourful world with you.

Finally, persistence and determination bring success.

As we all know, life is not all roses. On our way to success, we need not only devotion but also persistence and determination which form the foundation of success. Therefore, my dear graduates, when you are faced with difficulties in the future, please do remember never flinch or give up in that only persistence and determination to succeed will help us to weather the storm. Many world famous people such as Alfred Nobel, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs achieved their success after numerous failures and considerable efforts.

At this exciting moment, I still have a lot to say. Please understand that teachers are in the habit of lecturing. At present, I’d like to sum up what I have prepared into four words:

Be honest! Do best!

Happy graduation! Wish you good health, all the happiness and outstanding success in all your ventures!

Thank you!




女士们、先生们!我院全体教工、家长们特别是今天的主角毕业生们:大家下午好! 毕业论文已经顺利通过、毕业照已经拍过、散伙饭已经吃过、不舍之情亦已用种种方式表达过。很快,你们就要告别母校,走向美好未来。对于教师来说,六月也是收获的季节,此时我与我的同事们就像面对微风中簌簌作响的金色麦浪的农人,心中充满欢乐。经过四年学习,今天你们顺利毕业,这便是对你们和我们最甘美的慰籍、也是对你们和我们最具诗意的成果。





1, 知足常乐

人的欲望无穷无尽,我们要学会知足常乐。不因挫折而怨恨,不为争名夺利而烦恼,不因贪图享受而误入歧路。知足常乐,我们便会变得豁达与大度。世界之大,但缺少善良之士,缺少伯乐之流,更缺少对社会负责任的常人。总之,亲爱的同学们,请珍惜你们现在所拥有的。人生路很长,“且行且珍惜”。2, 感恩带给我们纯净的心灵



人生并非一帆风顺。要想取得成功, 光有热情还不够,还需要坚韧不拔、百折不挠的意志!这是一个人走向成功的基础。因此,面对困难时不要低头,更不要放弃,而是要坦然面对,坚强奋斗,这样才能战胜困难。世界上有很多知名人士,如诺贝尔、比尔?盖茨、史蒂夫乔布斯、伊丽莎白福尔摩斯等人,他们都是经历了无数次的失败与尝试才最终取得巨大成就。




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