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Welcome All Freshmen to School of Foreign Languages

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September 4, an enrollment day for freshmen, has seen 265 freshmen and 32 postgraduate students to School of Foreign Languages.

All stuff for freshmen have been ready by teachers in charge of student affairs and volunteers before 7 a.m. at three welcoming spots: library square, the 3rd basketball playground at Haihua dormitory area and Yuehua dormitory area. All volunteers, by the rules of “responsibility, patience and enthusiasm”, have welcomed the freshmen and touched the new comers and parents, presenting the spirit of SFL.

Dean Tao Wenhao, Vice Dean Xie Qingli, Vice Dean Xie Wenting and Deputy Secretary of General Branch of CPC conveyed warmest greetings to the volunteers and freshmen on the early morning of September 4. Dean Tao asked in details about the enrollment, orientation arrangement and dormitories etc.

 In the evening, school leaders, student counselors, head teachers, and peer tutors visited dormitories, asked the freshmen about their hometowns and life difficulties and commanded all freshmen to continue the habits of learning in the following days while they are studying in School of Foreign Languages.

 This is a new and meaningful starting for all freshmen in School of Foreign Languages, from which they will have a journey of gaining friendship and acquiring knowledge. 

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