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2016届毕业典礼院长致辞 Speech at the Graduation Ceremony of 2016

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Speech at the Graduation Ceremony of 2016

Tao Wenhao

29 June 2016

Dear graduates, parents, distinguished guests and all staff members of the School of Foreign Languages:Good afternoon!

Today, we are gathering here in witness of this special moment. First, I would like, on behalf of the School of Foreign Languages, to extend my heartfelt congratulations to you all. You’ve graduated! How time flies! You have grown up from your youths to the mature bachelors (degrees), the talents of the society. You will soon say goodbye to your classmates, friends and teachers, though fresh memories still remain. At this special moment, I would like to propose all graduates give your warmest applause with your sincere gratitude to your mentors, staff members of the school and your family members who always care for you, your classmates and friends supporting you!

From today on, you will be on a new start line of the life journey. Upon your departure, I would prefer to share my ideas with you on life as well as study.

I am over 50 years old, and at this age, inevitably I sometimes feel nostalgic and deep in thinking as well. The duration of life, properly speaking, is reflections in the vast sea of people, getting out of one’s self psychological barriers to enjoy the blossom of flowers in life. As a saying goes: life is like a dream. However, life also speaks the fate, and the fate as classmates is deep and special. You sigh for the craziness when you were once young, cherish the university time when you were innocent, and love the sentimental bitterness of your youth. Later on one gets to know that pardon and forgiveness are a virtue. Only by maintaining a good mindset can one live life to its fullest. The true meaning of life is benevolence, beneficence and love. After realizing these, your horizon is significantly broadened, and instead of being restricted to only a small circle of friends, the whole universe will be within your grasp in heart.

As is known to all, life is a long journey. Noble character is definitely very important, however, with the development of modern society, “learning society” has become a feature and new focus. As a result, education has gradually evolved into an open, life-long and global self-improvement process. Hence, life-long learning has become the urgent need for individuals, organizations and the society.

Madam Yang Jiang, a famous writer, dramatist and translator, once said, “To train a person bound for great tasks, the character of perseverance must be formed through hardships. People going through different levels of training will reach different degrees of accomplishment and efficiency. Just like fragrance, the more it is smashed, the more fragrant it will become. There is definitely power for those managing to achieve constant self improvement, which may account for people’s being fond of and sparing no efforts in reading as well as taking timely notes. In general, for those outstanding people, the efforts and accumulation behind must be several times that of ordinary people. The key to success lies in your efforts.” I totally agree with Madam Yang. This is also my hope that all of you can become life-long learners in the future, which will be greatly beneficial to your career and personal development.

Of course, everyone has his different choice and life path. Just like the story of the 5 girls from the TV series recently on show called “Ode to Joy”. They are from different family and educational backgrounds, obviously their personalities are different, too. However, they manage to become close friends from strangers in the beginning. It reminds me of your roommates and classmates, who are from all over the country, you are gathering together in the big family of the School of Foreign Languages, and you are close friends now. For those who long for a free and unrestrained lifestyle, they will say. “The world is so big. I’ll have a look”. Also there are many, “明明可以靠脸吃饭,偏偏要靠才华”的小鲜肉 ( Straight-A boys and girls who can “rely on their appearance instead of their ability to earn a living”). What’s more, there are Prince Charmings and Snow Whites distinctive from others“主要看气质”( “mainly seeing their temperament”). Since “we belong to a big family”, the gate of the School of Foreign Languages remains open for you forever, and we always cherish your beautiful memories here. Welcome back, warmly welcome back, and you are warmly welcome back as a popular Chinese phrase indicates that important issues have to be said three times”

In conclusion, I would like to say “happy graduation, my dear graduates!”











当然,每个人都有自己不同的选择,每个人的人生道路是不一样的。正如最近上映的《欢乐颂》中五位家庭背景,教育背景不同,性格迥异的姑娘相识相知的故事。这不禁使我联想到大家的舍友,同学。大家来自五湖四海,却有缘聚在一起,聚在外国语学院这个大家庭,成为朝夕相处的好伙伴,人生路上的好帮手。其中不乏洒脱奔放的同学,一心想着“世界那么大,我想去看看”;也不乏“明明可以靠脸吃饭,偏偏要靠才华”的小鲜肉、小美女学霸们;更不乏大家心中“主要看气质”的男神、女神们。这些都将在以后成为大家青春道路上的美好回忆,而外国语学院的大门也永远为大家敞开,“we are伐木累”,欢迎大家毕业了还能够常回来看看, 一定要常回家看看,千万记住常回家看看,重要的事说三遍!


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