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Graduation Ceremony 2018 and the 15th Anniversary of SFL Were Grandly Held

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 Graduation Ceremony 2018 and the 15th Anniversary of SFL Were Grandly Held 

Graduation Ceremony 2018 and the 15th Anniversary of SFL were grandly held in the conference hall of International Hotel at 10 on June 30, 2018, attended by Professor Geng Xiangdong, Secretary of CPC Committee of BNUZ, Professor Tao Wenhao, Dean of SFL, staff members, alumni, graduates and families.

Professor Tao recalled the development and achievements of SFL in the past 15 yearsHe requested all of graduates to keep the mottos of BNUZ and SFL in mind. “Of Studies, Be the Master; Of Behavior, Be the Model” and “Love, Knowledge, Morality and Integrity” will be served as guidelines for their action in the following days. Be grateful, ambitious and diligent, devoted to a higher civic engagement in the new era, students will then find dreams come true in the striving life.

Ms. Huangju, the First Prize Winner in Teaching Competition for Junior Staff in BNUZ delivered a French speech and congratulated on the graduation. She wished all students would keep perseverance and expectations to their rest of life, especially when they encounter challenges in life.  Zheng Hanjing, an outstanding graduate in 2018 expressed her wishes to the fellow students and asked them to be ready for the unknown and mysterious world.

A panel of 10 supervisors, led by Professor Tao Wenhao conferred degrees to the students 2018. 

A milestone in the alumni development has been witnessed by all graduates, with Professor Tao and Ms Gan Haichan, the vice president of Zhuhai Global IELTES and also a graduate of year 2011 announcing the foundation of Alumni Association of SFL. Tan Tingting, working in British Embassy expressed her excitement and expectations she had 10 years ago and asked the fellow students to stay hungry in learning.

Staff and students also presented their best wishes by singing or dancing, among which the adapted song by all staff members brought the big surprise to the attendants. Those familiar faces reminded audience to the happiness in the past 15 years.

A blessing video from alumni home and abroad and a chorus song Friends, given by the first graduates of SFL brought the celebration to the end. Secretary of CPC Committee of BNUZ Geng Xiangdong expressed his congratulations to the graduates and wished SFL would find its better place in the international-oriented environment. Professor Tao Wenhao, with high excitement and emotion, shared the difficulties of SFL growth and extended his greatest thanks to those people in various fields. The graduation ceremony and 15th celebration came to an end in the songs, applauses and gratitude.


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