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Dean Tao Wenhao Met the Alumni of Year 2008

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Dean Tao met the graduates of 2008 in Leyu B107 on the date of June 30, 2018. Ten alumni of 2008 came back to BNUZ, to have a happy reunion with Dean Tao. After leaving BNUZ for almost ten years, the graduates were filled with joy for meeting Dean Tao again.

At the beginning, Dean Tao talked about the meanings of collage life to the graduates. He said that in our collage life, the most important thing is the sincere friendship, which we will remember it for our whole life. At the same time, “BNUZ” will follow us forever.

As for the development of School of Foreign Languages in recent years, Dean Tao summarized the representative transitions in English major changing from “Intensive Reading”, “Extensive Reading”, “Spoken”, “Listening” into “Literature”, “Language”, “Philosophy”, “Culture”. What’s more, Dean Tao said that teaching Portuguese is the responsibility that the place of Zhuhai and the current times has requested us.

For the future of SFL, Dean Tao shared his idea which can be summarized as “the reconstruction of educational model of English major in new ear”. In a very long time, English teaching in China was a borrowism from other countries. Dean Tao thought that we should focus on applying Chinese elements into the English courses, including Chinese history, culture, philosophy and so on, in order to train students to spread Chinese culture to the foreigners.

After hearing from Dean Tao, the graduates talked about their feelings of collage life. One of them said that her collage life had made her into a confident person. While the other one said that his collage life taught him to be a positive person. “Always be sitting in the foremost seat” is a way from which you can you receive more information and resources than the others.

  Finally, Dean Tao encouraged the graduates not to be sorrowful for the uncertainty of life. “It is uncertainty that makes life joyous and exciting.” said Dean Tao.  


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