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The Opening Ceremony of 2018 Held Successfully

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In the morning of September 6, the School of Foreign Languages held successfully the opening ceremony for the freshmen of 2018 in room B408 of Liyun Building. Dean and Professor Tao Wenhao, Vice Dean and Associate Professor Xie Qingli, Vice Dean and Associate Professor Xie Wenting, Deputy Secretary of General Party Branch of SFL, along with more than 10 Chinese and foreign teachers, the freshmen of 2018 of the School as well as 32 postgraduate students attended the ceremony.

Firstly, Dean Tao Wenhao delivered a speech. He extended his warmest welcome to all freshmen. To help the students have more knowledge of the school, he introduced the recent development of the school. An open and resourceful learning environment which makes our language programs and courses more diverse and rewarding will enable students to explore their potentials mostly. He also offered students two suggestions: respecting our time and embracing the fun of reading to achieve success in the new journey of life.

Ms Cui Yanli and Mr. David Koenig, representatives of staff members of the school, warmly welcomed the new students. Ms Cui Yanli emphasized that today was a special occasion for the freshmen. It was the commencement of a new page. She expected that students would have a passion for the new life, be responsible and take the good opportunity to study. And Mr. David Koenig said students should also help each other, and care about each other, creating a happy and harmonious home atmosphere.

Junior student Zhang Ruishan and Huang Minyi, and senior student Mai Zhiqian delivered speeches separately in Japanese, French and Portuguese. They offered many useful suggestions to all freshmen, which would be of great importance for the freshmen.

Graduate student of 2018 Luo Fangmei and graduate student Deng Yongsi also shared their feelings and opinions as freshmen. They expressed their excitement for being a member of the school, and would firmly keep the motto of both our university and our school in mind. They also believed that if we actively to explorewe would find our own treasures.

With a welcome video presented by the Student Union which inspired the freshmen to expect their new life in BNUZ, the opening ceremony for the freshmen of 2018 came to a happy ending.




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