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A Career-establishing Lecture by Wanmin, the Founder of Happy International Language Center

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Translated by Yan Chengyu

 Invited by School of Foreign Languages, Wanmin, headmaster and the founder of Happy International Language Center gave a lecture to the students in Leyu C208 on the afternoon of September 14th, entitled “The Road I Have Taken——What Should A Foreign Language Learner Do in Career-establishing? ”

The audience attended the lecture were touched by the speech. Wanmin shared the experience of her entrepreneurial journey about how to become a famous director in foreign language training. From the simple Japanese teaching to a systematic curriculum gradually, the unintended career has become a part of her destined life. In addition, Ms. Wan also shared 3 hardships she has encountered on the journey including the difficulty of recruitment at the beginning, the loss of student pool and the difficulty of advertising. Wanmin finally ushered in the dawn from her hardship after a series of persistence, reflections, adjustment and creation.  

   The experience of Wanmin’s entrepreneurship will be a precious reference for us, not only did it inspire us to fight for ourselves fearlessly, but also it showed the value of holding out until the last.  

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