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SFL Volunteers After Typhoon Mangkhut

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                              Translated by  Yan Chengyu

    A voluntary group was organized immediately by the General Branch of CCP of SFL after the super typhoon Mangkhut, which attacked Zhuhai severely on the September 16th, 2018, leaving Beijing Normal University Zhuhai in disorder with trees down, glass in pieces and rubbish everywhere. The dreadful scene reminds people of the super typhoon Hato last year.

    Despite the severity of typhoon, the voluntary students of BNUZ still held their high morale, including foreign teachers and the freshmen who showed no fear to the tiredness and bitterness. Ms.Linda Visner, who attended the activity last year in Hato, said the reason that she joined in the voluntary work was that that she lives in BNUZ and she is a member of the family. She is happy to rebuild the campus with students and she thinks this is the moment for her son to help others..  

   Although they are students, yet they are so fearless toward the dirty when they are working. Without tools, students put the branches and rubbish up to the truck with their naked hands without any hesitation. At the same time, they made advantaged of the plastic bags nearby to carry the chunk of waste.   The clean-up made the students who live in Yuehua area go out more conveniently and safely.

   This voluntary activity is an embodiment of unity, responsibility and resistance towards the bitter, which is worth referring to all the teachers and students of BNUZ. Thank you all for the devotion to the beautiful BNUZ!

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