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The Opening Ceremony for MA Students of 2019 Was Held Grandly

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The Opening Ceremony for MA Students of 2019 was held grandly in Leyu C208 at 10 on September 1, 2019. Miao Xingwei, Dean of School of Foreign Languages and Literature (SFLL), Tao Wenhao, Dean and General Secretary of CPC of School of Foreign Languages (SFL), Yu Hui, Vice Dean of SFLL, Guo Yiyao, Vice Dean of SFLL, Lin Dunlai, Director of College English Department of SFLL, Xie Qingli, Vice Dean of SFL, Xie Wenting, Vice Dean of SFL, Wang Yan, Deputy Secretary of CPC of SFL, Cui Yanli, Director of English Department of SFL, Lilei, Director of College English Department as well as the 60 MA students of year 2019 attended the ceremony which was hosted by Yu Hui, Vice Dean of SFLL

The ceremony started with National Song of PRC. First of all, Miao Xingwei introduced the centurial history of BNU, the development and teaching staff of SFLL. He expected the students would innovate research methods and enhance research abilities thus growing into an all-round person with international views, critical thinking and Chinese literacy. Meanwhile, students should get acquaintance with current Chinese education and consolidate professional teaching capabilities so that they could apply the knowledge with the practice of “Moral Education” and become a learned and refined person with perfect personality, high morality and responsibility in the future. Tao Wenhao, Dean of School of Foreign Languages, delivered a speech entitled “To be a Person to Love and a Person to Know” and expected all present MA students would have a true love towards their future teaching job and students and treat education as a life-long adoration and commitment. At the same time, the MA students should stay hungry for knowledge and they would be a person to love, to be loved and in love, a person to know and to be well-known with the attitude of “empty oneself” and research view. Lin Dunlai, on behalf of staff members, suggested MA students should not only be optimistic, self-disciplined and broad-minded but also be academic; they should develop the basic linguistic skills and read extensively and intensively as well. Pan Xue, on behalf of the MA students of year 2019, expressed her idea of “The more efforts, the more lucky”. The hip-hop dance and beautiful songs presented by students of SFL of BNUZ brought excitement to the audience when the ceremony came to an end.   

The ceremony is the new start of the life. All MA students of year 2019 are expected to lead a worthwhile youth in BNU, Zhuhai and make their dreams come true and witness the development of foreign languages. 

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