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Lecture on Japanese Interpretation Was Held

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    On September16, 2019, Professor Wu Chuan,Head of the BNU Alumni in Japan, gave a lecture on Japanese interpretation in Room C306 of Le Yu Building. Tao Wenhao, Dean of SFL chaired the lecture and expressed the most sincere welcome to Professor Wu Chuan's arrival. Students of Japanese Majors attended the lecture.

     During the lecture, Professor Wu Chuan introduced his experience as a lecturer in Japanese NHK, the national broadcasting station, and shared the radio program recorded that year. Then Professor Wu Chuan shared many essential tips and tricks of Japanese interpretation. Unlike "faithfulness, expressiveness and elegance" for translation criteria, interpretation requires "quick response, accuracy and smoothness". While interpreting, attention should be paid to the rapidity of the reaction, and sum up the speaker's meaning and mood in time, not being restricted by the original form. It is not suggested to have the word-for-word translation . As for accuracy, the interpreter shall convey the original speaker’s content and emotion in a very short time . What’s more, as for smoothness, the target interpretation shall be spoken and heard coherently. Professor Wu emphasized the interpretation of numbers, comparative studies of Japanese syntactic patterns and professional terms. He provided some commonly borrowed interpretation methods, such as retelling, sight interpretation and induction through repeated practice and practice.      

       The lecture ended after half an hour with some experiences by Professor Wu Chuan and the students present have benefited greatly.

      Professor Wu Chuan graduated from the Department of Foreign Languages of Beijing Normal University in 1987 and, in addition to teaching at the ISS Interpretation Training School,he also has worked as a Chinese teacher at eight universities such as the University of Tokyo. He was Invited as a lecturer in the program of NHK in 2000, whose writing includes The Basics of Japanese Language and Language and Chinese-Japanese Dictionary etc..


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