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BNUZ Won Championship in Preliminary Contest of 10th "Shangjiao" Business English Speaking Contest

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    The preliminary contest of the 10th "Shangjiao" English Speaking Contest, was held in 

Zhunyi Medical University, Zhuhai Campus on December 28, 2019 in celebration of 20th 

Anniversary of Macau’s Returning to China Mainland. BNUZ team, consisting of Naren Yihua, Li Zelin and Zhurui from School of Foreign Languages, Tian Zhixin from School of International 

Faculty and Li Haoxuan from School of Logistics won the First Prize and will compete for the 

Final Round in Macau in April, 2020.

  The 10th Contest, themed with Smart City, requires competitors to design a business 

proposal and promote Macau in international popularity. It aims to cultivate students in 

business skills, English application, critical thinking and cross-cultural communication.

  “Shangjiao” Business Speaking Contest was organized as a local business activity 

annually Macau and has been held since the year 2009. It has gained great concern among 

different fields. Year 2019 is the 20th anniversary of Macau’s Returning to China Mainland. The leaders of SFL took the contest seriously and discussed with the coach Ms Lu Xinwei many 

times and brainstormed. BNUZ team stood out and won the first prize in the contest by high 

English proficiency, team cooperation and flexibility. Tian Zhixin was also rewarded as the “the Best Speaker”.

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