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       Speech at the Graduation Ceremony of 2019 SFL, BNUZ

  Tao Wenhao

  22 June 2019


Dear Graduates of 2019, family members and friends:

It is my pleasure to be with you here today, a day filled with joy for the present, hope for the future. On behalf of all the teachers and students of our faculty, I would like to express my heartiest congratulations to you all. You have arrived at another milestone of your life!


You have completed a journey here, either relaxed or panicked. Whether it is Lize Lake in the morning, or the beautiful sunset over the campus, the hot summer sun, or the storm rain, the small benches you moved, or the insects on the green grass, these moments will become memories and remain in your lifetime. You have spent the best years of your life in the most beautiful university in the valley. Those days were filled with laughter, tears, passion and even dreams, they have become the most beautiful part of your life.


At this time of the year, for the faculty, it is both the harvest season and the day of departure. After the fundamental years of your college education, I will not doubt your talent, wisdom and self-confidence. Upon your graduation, looking at your youthful faces, it seems that I have too many words to say to you. The first thing that comes to my mind is: I hope you can be true to yourself in your whole life. I mean whenever you look back on the past, please always see your smiling face in those beautiful days of the university. How can you be always true to yourself?


First, please keep the bottom line.


Perhaps many of you have read the story that the gun muzzle raised by one centimeter. In February 1992, two years after the fall of the Berlin Wall in Germany, the guard Inger Henrich was brought to trial. Before the fall of the Berlin Wall, at the age of 27, he shot a young man trying to climb over the wall. Henrich's lawyer argued that he had no choice but to execute orders and that his guilt was not his own. However, the judge in court, Fascio Seidel did not think so. He said: "As a police officer, it is guilty not to obey orders from superiors, but not to be innocent. As a sane person, at this moment, you have the right to raise the gun by one centimeter, which is your conscience obligation on your own initiative.”


Conscience is a simple word, but it has got the most complex connotation you can imagine. It is so simple that everyone can understand it, but so profound that no one can define it. It is with people all their lives, but people seldom think about it and ask about it. My dear students, when you step out of this university, I hope you can live with your conscience at any moment possible in your life.


Secondly, please pursue excellence.


Excellence is an abstract concept. Its core meaning is to achieve the utmost, to maximize the potential. Not a standard, but a realm. When the word "excellence" is applied to human beings, it means all the virtues of human beings, including moral, mental, physical and practical aspects.


Everyone has the potential to be an outstanding person. When I look back on the great names in the history of civilization, the name of a Chinese scientist Qian Weichang jumps into my mind. He has many titles: physicist, mathematician, educator and so on. But do you know that the master of science, Mr. Qian Weichang only scored five points in physics in the college entrance examination. With excellent liberal arts results, he was admitted to Tsinghua University. However, because of his deep sense of national mission, he firmly applied to be transferred to the Department of Physics, because he wanted to "learn to build artillery, to transfer to physics in order to revitalize China's military strength". With the unimaginable efforts, Mr. Qian Weichang became Top One student in the Department of Physics. It is precisely Mr. Qian Weichang's spirit of pursuing excellence that he has become a backbone figure in the scientific circles of our country.


My dear graduates, do remember that your “ I can” is much more important than your IQ.


Finally, please choose to believe.


Choosing to believe does not mean denying doubt though there are doubts everywhere around you. We should still choose to believe in the direction of life. Because only by believing can the society function normally, can the human beings survive and develop; because only by believing can we enjoy the beautiful life brought by family, friendship and love; because only by believing can we have awe, can we not make people crazy which will ultimately lead the human beings and the world to ruin. Choosing to believe represents a kind of attitude towards life. It symbolizes the positive, optimistic and enterprising attitude towards life. It is the motivation for us to overcome difficulties, face setbacks, drive out darkness and embrace the light.


My dear graduates, you are like my children with each beautiful name in my mind. If I repeat something, I would like to say to you again: Stick to the bottom line, pursue excellence, choose to believe and live up to this life!


Thank you!




























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